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Parenting and Newborn Caregiver Specailist Classes in San Francisco Four Times per Year... listed below

Introducing...Christie Close, night-nurse and 24hr postpartum doula, sleep consultant and new parent educator with 40 years of experience providing newborn care and family support.

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I am offering Newborn Care Certification and Parenting Trainings at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco quarterly. The next training is Saturday Feb 25th 9 to 5 and is open to parents and caregivers. Learn the following parenting skills and more...

Comforting Your Baby
Connect with your baby, empathize with their experience, and learn to confidently respond to their needs.

Keeping Your Baby Safe
Learn the essential safety practices in newborn care to assure your baby reaches his or her first birthday without common accidents.

Healthy Nutrition For Breastfeeding and Help with Feeding Your Baby
Either breastfeeding or a combination of breast and bottle feeding can be successful. Whichever you choose, get help with feeding skills.

Help Your Baby Form Great Sleep Habits
Learn how to gradually get your baby on a schedule and gently "nudge" your baby toward sleeping through the night.

Greening Your Babys Environment
Prepare the nursery, remodle, decorate or maintain your home with your babys health in mind. Read  a magazine article written by Christie Close

Self Care
Tips to help you take good care of yourself as well as have fun with your baby, nurture your baby's development through age appropriate play and enjoy parenting.

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Praise for Christie Close,
Postpartum Doula, Night Nurse, Baby Sleep Consultant

I want to recommend a superlative resource for new mothers, both first-time and repeat.  Christie Close, our night nurse, has been an extended member of our family since my first daughters birth.  She was the night nurse for my first two babies and recently for my newest. Christie has 40 years of experience with babies and is remarkably helpful in gently guiding them to a schedule that is manageable for the family.  She is especially helpful to first-time parents, but as a veteran I continue to learn from her.  She is knowledgeable, gentle, soulful, positive and invaluable
                                                                    Rana DiOrio,                                                                                   Belvedeer, Calif