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I offer four to six nights of 8 to 12 hr night- time newborn care

Other options are available as your needs become clear, 24hr baby and mother care, or nights and mornings combined, cooking, etc.

Mornings and day hours include cooking, lite cleaning and bedside support for mother as well as newborn care.

Typical schedules are five nights per week with hours 11-7 or 10-6. These are the hours your baby will later be sleeping. That can nearly always be accomplished at three to four months of age working with my Contented Baby Method from birth. 

I also offer hospital visits within the San Francisco Bay Area which include interviews for hiring, help with multiples or preemies in the NICCU and lactation or bottle feeding support during the first days after the birth.

In- Home Services in San Francisco Bay Area
From birth to three months you can have all the support you want in your home including up to 24 hour help with baby and mom care.

This includes coaching using show and tell, providing support for:

Bonding, connecting with baby
Reading babies signals
Comforting methods
Breast and bottle feeding
Nutrition for breastfeeding
Safety day and night
Baby massage and bathing
Play for babys development.
."We hired Christie for 24hr care for two weeks. Christie was very helpful, showing us the ropes in caring for a newborn.   She knows her stuff. If you're looking for help, I'd encourage you to hire Christie. You'll be hard pressed to find someone that knows the fundamentals of newborn childcare like her."
                 John G,   San Francisco, California
"This year I had my first baby.  At 3 months of age she was not in any regular eating / sleeping pattern and I was becoming very frustrated as this didn't allow any time for myself in the day and prevented me from being able to plan anything.  Christie Close came and spent 24 hours with us in our home to observe our baby's patterns.  Her advice was practical and wise as well as being sensitive to the needs of my baby and I.  After I followed Christie's advice, my daughter was sleeping through the night and following a regular pattern of sleeping and eating during the day within a matter of days.  Now, nearly 2 months later, as questions arise, Christie always responds promptly and continues to offer advice via email.  The money we spent to have Christie come to our home was worth every cent.  I would be happy to recommend her to anyone who may be interested in her services."

Robyn Press, San Jose, CA

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