Philosophy Of Newborn Care, The Contented Baby Method
  "I call what I do with newborns The Contented Baby Method"
When babies cry they are expressing distress, They have a need that we can respond to. When parents and caregivers discover what these needs are and respond to them consistently the baby feels secure. When babies have their needs met regularly they focus on their development and begin to naturally get very curious about their environment. This is the beginning of developmental play.

Contented babies reach out to try to touch people and objects, begin to make experimental sounds and sometimes respond to smiles with a grin. Contented babies are easy to care for, bond with and enjoy. May all babies soon be content.

"We hired Christie for one day--our 7th day with our newborn, when we were more-or-less at wit's end with lack of sleep. She very helpfully found just the right way to get our newborn to sleep alone, and it has worked well ever since. She then set about cleaning, cooking and generally getting us back up and running. She seems to genuinely know a great deal about infants--a baby whisperer perhaps--and was incredibly helpful for us."

San Francisco, Ca

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