Most babys can sleep through the night by three months of age as long as they are full term and healthy. It can take up to four months if babys are premature. This result can be expected if parents and caregiviers are implementing my sleep habits advice and using my contented baby methods.

With just an Email, parents can ask questions and get answers the same day for help with sleep issues. For my in-home clients this service is free.
Online clients can pay conveniently with a major credit card.

Using SKYPE, parents can learn how to help baby form great sleep habits, sleep in their own bed and sleep through the night by three to four months of age. Skype consultations are available anywhere in the world if you have SKYPE capability on your computer.

Contact me to arrange email or SKYPE consultations.

Sleep Safety Tip:

I recommend parents wait to begin using a monitor until babies are a few months old.
During the first few months of life, it's important for parents to be within reach and sight of their baby. A bassinett with wheels is a help for this reason.

It's Night Night Time
Sleep Consultation: Link to Online Help, Sleep Safety Tips
A napping baby within parents sight and reach